Re: North-south coridor after Ceneri opening


On Wednesday, 29 July 2020, 23:23:43 BST, gordonwis via <> wrote:

It would be more correct to say 'to Bernex Vailly'. The original CGTE tram route - an interurban in those days because Bernex was 'out in the country' ran as far as Bernex village. The re-born Bernex route (for simplicity and cheapness) opened as far as a park and ride on the immediate Geneva (East) edge of Bernex village. The new extension takes the re-born route through Bernex past the original terminus to Vailly which is at the extreme West end of modern Bernex.

I should clarify that 'original' meant the terminus of the Bernex route once it became terminus! This is because the route actually originally ran all the way from Genève Quai de la Poste via Bernex, Vailly (then written as 'Vally'), and Laconnex to Chancy until curtailed to Bernex in 1938. The new extension will however follow the Bernex by pass road and not retrace the original route through the village centre.

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