Re: Issues with railway photography in CH?


Just maybe Thomas, it was the driver who had a personal issue about a photographer possibly recording him at work? A number of years ago I was near Sion and took a couple of images from a public path during a wagon collection operation. The duty shunter spotted me, halted the driver and walked across the running tracks towards me to ask if I had included him in any photo taken. I confirmed he was in just one of the images and he politely asked me to delete it as he did not wish to be photographed undertaking his duties. I duly respected his request. Like Thomas, I have nearly 4 decades of railway photography under my belt and such incidents have been minimal to date and very far between, perhaps that driver was just having an extra bad day at the office? Keep smiling Thomas and continue to enjoy taking images of Swiss railways. I am looking forward to visiting again as soon as I can! Regards All, Don

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