Re: Issues with railway photography in CH?


Am 03.08.2020 um 17:08 schrieb Andrew Moglestue via
My possibly misinformed understanding Is that on SBB property at
Zurich HB you do indeed need an official permit for commercial or
professional photography. I am not sure how professional is defined.
See also the contribution of Martin Baumann on the subject.

The idea of the rule is simply to prevent railway stations from becoming film studios, because this could hinder railway operations and passenger flows and finally be dangerous.

So, if you want to film a scene for a movie or make shootings with models for any fashion label, you need a permission. If I'm not mistaken, an SBB person will then be available to survey and help if necessary. Of course, this isn't free...

But all that is far away from any restriction to take photos as a passenger, who waits two or three hours for a train :-)

There had once been an incident with a rail guard who thought that any photography in a railway station would need a permission. We then had contacts with SBB officials and they clearly said that this isn't the case.


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