Re: Issues with railway photography in CH?

glenn allen

from: Andrew Moglestue via
Sent: 03 August 2020 16:29
Subject: Re: [SwissRail] Issues with railway photography in CH?

My possibly misinformed understanding Is that on SBB property at Zurich HB you do indeed need an official permit for commercial or professional photography . I am not sure how professional is defined . So I guess there is possibly some grey area .

➢ I found this on a post from ten years ago.
➢ I received the following response from a representative of the Media Relations team. (Highlighting mine.)
➢ You do not require a permit to take photographs for private use in [these] stations. Hereby the special conditions from one of our photographers’ permits.
Please note the following conditions:
– You may only photograph in publically accessible areas.
– The usual operation of the railway may not be disturbed.
– Crossing the tracks and remaining in the area of the tracks is forbidden.
– You must follow the instructions of station and train personal as well as Securitrans railway police.
– SBB disavows itself of any responsibility for any accident which results from the non-observance of these instructions.

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