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Are the standard dimensions for infrastructure on the Swiss railway network, or for its constituent operators, published anywhere?
As far as there are standards, yes. You find them in the Federal AB-EBV.

I'm referring to things like standard platform heights
Platform height for meter gauge isn't standardized. Standard is set per
network and is P37 for RhB/MGB, P35 for many other railways, P32 for AB,
RBS and some more and P55 for LEB. Standard for standard gauge is P55

P55 means that the platform edge is 55 cm above rail head.

and minimum widths, minimum distances of obstacles from platform edges, minimum dimensions of tunnels,
The width is a function of the passenger flow. Distance of obstacles and tunnel dimensions are a question of the clearance (Lichtraumprofil). Most meter gauge lines go after EBV profile A, but have B wehre standard gauge wagons are transported (Rollschemel, Rollbock)

spacing between tracks etc.
There is a standard for this in AB-EBV

I would like to know for modelling purposes.
You have to know that the standards must be obeyed for new builds. Many existing situations were built after older standards.

Markus, G├╝rbetal

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