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Am 08.08.2020 um 02:02 schrieb gordonwis via
Very sad, but - I agree, never seen much traffic happening.
If you want to see traffic, go at commuter's time. In fact there was
quite some local opposition, especially because there are doubts about
the reliability of a bus service due to traffic jams.

b) The three places they 'serve' are small villages.
not too small, but regional traffic doesn't connect the larger cities
with each others. Regional traffic connects the small villages to the
larger cities!

c) Only Leissigen station is next to the village. Faulensee is up the
hill in a field (a quick satellite view will show you how green it is
around Faulensee station) and Därligen is too far to the East of the
village, when the road that a bus can use runs right through the
village from West to East.
Faulensee was only partly served. For Därligen there was a proposition by BLSN to move the plattform to a better place.

However, the region and the canton decided that there will be a bus. Problem is, should one see that traffic jams really hinder the bus, returning to rail will be expensive. The platforms will be removed as works are due for both Lessigen and Därligen.

Markus, Gürbetal

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