Re: Spiez-Interlaken


On Wednesday, 19 August 2020, 00:30:29 BST, Guerbetaler <> wrote:
However, the region and the canton decided that there will be a bus.
Problem is, should one see that traffic jams really hinder the bus,
returning to rail will be expensive. The platforms will be removed as
works are due for both Lessigen and Därligen.

I take your points but I don't think that really amounts to a compelling argument against the bus option. (And I say this as someone who very certainly prefers trains to buses but I am also a demographer / logistician and can understand the logic of buses in certain situations. and I also realise that regional traffic connects villages to cities...)

In another place I know in Switzerland where bus and train run along the same route you see lots of people using the bus in preference to the train as it stops closer to their residence (and maybe the fare is cheaper).

Of course a proportion of locals are going to argue against such a change, and they will obviously look for reasons to use to back up their claim and traffic jams is an easy one to pick. I can image there might be a traffic jam every so often, but along most of the route the through traffic is on the ausbaustrecke road, presumably not the road the bus would use.

The villages are small (with about 60% pop of 'working age') - Därligen apparently c430 at last count, Leissigen about 1000 in total (1/6 the size of Schwarzenburg...)

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