Re: New group for Swiss modelling interests?


Am 19.10.2020 um 15:08 schrieb David:
There was a Yahoo group SwissRailModeling. I haven’t received
anything from them in ages. Would anyone know if that group went by
the wayside?
Last message was mid-2018. I set a message yesterday and it came through. I had erected that group but it had too little bandwidth as the HAG and ROCO groups were more in the centre. Thus I didn't move it to

There have been propositions to widen BEMO group to any Swiss modelling theme. Another idea was to make a sub-group of SwissRail. However, I'm not sure if this wouldn't destroy the simplicity we now have with the groups. Does anyone have experience with sub-groups on I will test it on a little quite inactive group I inherited.


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