Re: Zürich - Basel and Zürich Bern before the Heitersberg tunnel


Did many trains use the Nationalbahn, or did they mostly come through Baden?
Hi Andrew,

All trains used the old main line Bern - Burgdorf - Langenthal - Aarburg Oftringen - Olten - Aarau - Schinznach Bad - Brugg - Baden - Wettingen Zurich. I did it many times pre-Heitersberg, and on my first Swiss visit after the opening I boarded a Swiss Express at Zurich for the first time on a Swiss Express, and I wrote in my notes "this *is* train travel".

Fond memories, I was on the way back from my English Midlands mining town's Scout group coach trip to Austria. Despite being only 15 yo I had so much more experience of driving in Europe that I had been the self appointed navigator for the whole road trip! So on the way back I navigated the driver to Museumstrasse alongside Zurich HB and jumped off to take the train to my family in Geneva, leaving the others to go back to the English Midlands in the 53 seater Plaxton Panorama...

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