Station building plans

Alan McMillan

I’m not sure if this message qualifies as a modelling subject or real life subject since it straddles both so my apologies if I’ve got it wrong. Anyway, here goes…

I’m looking for plans that would enable me to build a station building for my planned layout. It will be based in the seventies so I’m looking for a traditional “house” sort of style, most of which were bulldozed as part of the Bahn 2000 project.

Possibilities I have seen are: Henggart, Kradolf, Eschlikon, St. Gallen (Bruggen), Flawil, Gland, Allaman and Niederwangen.

As a former modeller of British Railways, I’m used to a dizzying array of information on every railway related subject imaginable going back to the year dot but finding historical information on even the recent past of the SBB has been significantly more difficult so if anyone can help me in this quest I’d be eternally grateful.




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