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Thank you very much for this information. I thought that the first
Revvivo coaches were the 1st and 2nd class coaches that were then
still painted in the green and beige livery (SOB and BT). At least
that was what I learned when I was in Switzerland in 1998. At that
point, the EWIV were still being used for the Voralpen Express and
the Revvivo coaches could be found with RBDe 566 (SOB)
No, the story goes like this:

1991 SOB and BT purchased 3 EW4 consists of 1 A and 3 B to be used in the two hourly trains to Luzern. 1992 the name Voralpenexpress appeared.

SWG Altenrhein produced a prototype Revvivo in 1995, where several elements were tested. In 1996 this coach was bought by SOB and got the SIG-X trial bogies that first had been under an SBB EW II.

1997 a first batch of 10 Revvivos was delivered to SOB and BT to modernize the trains between the VAE, thus one hour you had the VAE with EW4 and in the other hour you had this push-pull consist with Revvivos.
BT used their NPZ-B 381-386, the Bodan saloon coach and the driving trailers were rebuilds from original BT BD 511-518.
shows BT Re 4/4 - Revvivo A - Revvivo BR - pair of BT B 381-86 - BDt,
thus only two Revvivos.
BT got 1 A and 2 BR
SOB got 2 A, 4 B and 1 BR and added the 1995 prototype as BR
All these coaches were then cream/green

1999 SOB purchased two additional Revvivos, also in cream/green, but keeping their old EW-bogies, to be used in their NPZ (B 808-809)

1999-2000 another 19 Revvivos were delivered, now also to SBB, and all in a new livery. The existing 10 also got the new livery and the two extra coaches from SOB joined the VAE fleet after BT/SOB merger.

All 8 BD 511-518 ex BT had finally been rebuilt as BDt and one driving trailer ex WM was added to the fleet. It had then:
8 A, 16 B, 8 BR plus the Bodan as A and the 9 BDt but Bodan was in SOB livery, not VAE.

2013 all Revvivos went into SOB ownership. Their use ended in Dec 2019.

Markus, G├╝rbetal

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