#MOB gauge changing trains #mob


In another years long field of patience I can confirm that still more patience is needed. The starting date of 13 June 2021 for the MOB gauge changing trains Montreux - Interlaken has been postponed. CORONA delayed bogie delivery and reduced patronage so that an opening is not expected before Dec 2022.

The planned timetable has been published under 120 on
and was already online on sbb.ch but has now vanished. The trains would have departed from Montreux at ..35 and would have train numbers 4064, 4068 etc.

The 2021 graphic timetable contains trains at ..35 with train numbers
2708F, 2710F, 2712F etc. It seems that MOB thinks of offering fast trains at peak times. Nothing else has been published so far.

Markus, Gürbetal

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