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Am 05.11.2020 um 22:02 schrieb Guerbetaler:
MGB contracted SBB workshop Bellinzona to convert 9 of its HGe 4/4 II
from thyristor control with dc motors to GTO thyristor control with ac
three-phase motors. At the same time the mechanical part is renovated.
106 was brought to Bellinzona in Autumn 2018 and is still there
105 was the locomotive involved in the collision of July in Oberwald and will first be repaired and then modernized as the second locomotive.

The 9 modernized MGB locomotives are needed for
- Glacier Express (GEX)
- freight trains Visp - Zermatt
- car shuttles Oberwald - Realp

This lets 4 HGe 4/4 II as surplus. These locmotives, probably 2-5, will not be modernized but retired. Currently plans say that they will be surplus by 2023, when the new Orion EMU arrive. Another option is that they will be kept until 2028 and replace Deh-consists.

The 8 HGe 4/4" of Zentralbahn will not be modernized but some units may survive as reserve together with articulated driving trailers 941-943

Markus, G├╝rbetal

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