Re: WRS Vectrons


Interesting. According to, they were sold to Widmer. They don't seem to have been manufactured for WRS, but rather were either Siemens' stock or were sold to WRS after having been commissioned for somebody else.

Swiss numbering rules for companies used to be ending with 0 for SBB (420, 460, 620, etc) and private had different digits. BLS tractive power ended with 5 (425, 465, etc). SOB/BT/Sihltalbahn/MThB/etc had digits ending with 6 (446, 456, etc) . This seemed to have changed with BLS acquired the former SBB Re 420 and they kept the Re 420 designation, although were labelled as 420.5. The RailCare Vectrons were labelled 486 and the SRT Traxx was labelled 487, so I don't really know whether WRS should fall under 5, 6 or 7.

I am curious as to why so many of these new locomotives are DACHINL and why the companies have not also added Belgium to the homologation, as it seems to me that Antwerp, Ghent and Oostende are also sources for transalpine traffic that these companies might want to compete for.

I don't know how long the lease/rental of the Hupac Vectrons was supposed to last and whether these new locomotives will be replacing those in the WRS fleet. I guess that we will find out more in the coming weeks.


Mike C

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