Vintage Swiss rail video from 1989

Fred Hoeser

With all the great video links you folks have provided over the past couple of days, I thought you might enjoy a 2 part program I made of my first visit to Switzerland in 1989.
The Overland Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society based in Moline Illinois USA planned a 18 day rail tour of Switzerland to coincide with the 100th Anniversary of the Rhätische Bahn.
We had several charters during the tour including 3 with steam.
Please forgive the 1980's quality video. It was shot on my first Sony 8mm camcorder and I edited it to Beta 1s on my Sony SLHF-1000 complete with clunky titles.
I also apologize in advance for the mispronunciations and I expect occasional mis-information. I was a rookie then.

Here are the YouTube links for the videos. Swiss Rails 1989 part 1 and Swiss Rails 1989 part 2

If nothing else, you can use it to help fall asleep.

Fred H
Durand WI USA

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