Re: Vintage Swiss rail video from 1989


Am 14.11.2020 um 16:47 schrieb Markus:
Am 14.11.2020 um 11:39 schrieb Alan McMillan:
layout based in the 70s and early 80s and was wondering when the
Italian State Railways (FS) introduced their "Bandiera" livery of
ivory and grey with red, and sometimes light blue, lining?
Are you speaking of these coaches?
(including a photo from Frutigen by Werner Hardmeier)
If I'm not mistaken, this livery was found on two type of coaches

1) Carozze Gran-Comfort (GC), built 1969-87, but most of them only for internal services, numbered 50 83 .... Only first class, restaurant and vans existed. Those for international service came in TEE colours, numbered 61 83 ... After the demise of the TEE trains, they got the Bandiera livery, but I haven't found, when exactly this happened. In 1983 and 87 more dining cars for international services arrived. One of these can be seen in the Hardmeier photo.

2) Carrozze Z1 (UIC type Z1) of first and second class, introduced 1987. For the second class the Bandiera livery was applied with blue stripes, first class with red stripes as on the GC coaches.

From this we can say that Bandiera livery was seen in Switzerland from 1983 on restaurant coaches and from 1987 on other stock.

Still to be found out, when the former TEE coaches got Bandiera livery.


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