Re: Vintage Swiss rail video from 1989


Am 14.11.2020 um 19:41 schrieb csipromo via
I don't think that the older Gran Comfort (ex-TEE) coaches continued
to run outside of Italy, as those coaches required the use of a
generator coach to provide lights and power (heating).
"Le carrozze italiane" by Evaristo Principe (ISBN 88 -85105-05-X, 2000) says that the TEE coaches were rebuilt for autonomous working instead of getting three-phase current from an inverter van. However, the number of coaches wasn't very important, only 18 first class and 5 dining cars. I have only found a photo of a dining car in Switzerland so far (1995).

The 20 dining cars of 1983/87 had the same type of roof as the Z1 coaches. Thus you can easily distinguish the original GC/TEE coaches.


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