Re: Vintage Swiss rail video from 1989


Am 15.11.2020 um 01:54 schrieb csipromo via
I would like to know if the TEE coaches still required the generator
car or whether they were modified or simply did not require it for
domestic traffic.
If you could read what I wrote you would have had the answer before you asked the question. They got a "convertitore statico da 45 kVA (da 65 kVA sulle ristoranti)" for all international voltages.

Moreover the TEE didn't come with a generator car (as was usual by SNCF and RENFE) but with an inverter car that could produce 660 V three phase current from the standard current available in each country, brought to the coaches by a separate cable.

"L'unico veicolo dipendente dalla macchina era il furgone, che prelava l'energia necessaria tramite la condotta del REC alle quattro tensioni del RIC (3000 V cc, 1500 V cc e ca, 1000 V ca 16 2/3 Hz) che veniva convertita a 660 V ca 50 Hz trifase, mediante un gruppo rotante moto-alternatore da 240 kVA."

Citations from the Principe book.

so, the technical development from 1969 to the 1980ies allowed to replace a central rotating inverter (of 240 kVA) per train with static inverters (of 45 kVA) on each coach.

To compare: The Eurofima coaches of 1977, of which SBB had 20 and FS 100, had a static inverter of 35 kVA (EA 7/77).


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