Re: Vintage Swiss rail video from 1989


If I remember correctly, the rolling stock in the "Iris" and "Vauban" frequently changed. There were times when SNCB wanted to abandon the connection and SBB took over the operation of the run.
I have photos of the Vauban from 2000 (H.D. Andreas/Bahnprofil) where the train is entirely composed of SBB coaches. In 1998, I have a photo with mixed SNCB I6 in Memling livery, C1 Orange and with at least one SBB EC coach. In 1999, it was mainly composed of SNCB (I6 and I10) coaches. Around 2003, it contained a mix of SNCB and FS coaches. Some of the photos I have seen, the train had one of the SNCB ex-SNCF Grill Express Restaurant coaches.


Some years, the northbound run included additional coaches, including FS coaches to Basel, including one of the FS Restaurants in Bandiera livery (with graffiti). I think that a SNCB Restaurant was attached in Basel for the run to Brussels. I think that some schedules may also have included some couchette coaches and possibly sleepers too. I do not know if the night coaches went to Basel or continued to a point beyond. They might have connected to Amsterdam, Hamburg or possibly to the Komet (Copenhagen).


Mike C

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