Re: RhB Be 4/4 EMU sets 511 to 516

David Prior

Shown as follows in the current allocations :

511/512/513 all “Abgestellt RhB”
514 BR at Samedan as noted below
515 “Abgestellt LQ”

Presumably 516 doesn’t appear in the list any longer because it is being dismantled already.

When I was over there in mid-Oct two were dumped outside Reichenau-Tamins (I think) and a couple more in the sidings south of Chur. As I don’t really follow units I didn’t note which ones, but presumably they were 511/12/13/15.

I only paid attention to them because during a family winter holiday in Feb of this year, I remembered that the StNPs still had control of most Klo-Dav-Fil shuttles.

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