Re: WRS Vectrons


I assumed that the difference between the BLS (475) and RailCare (476) was the classic difference in assigning numbers ending with 0 to SBB, 5 to BLS and 6 to other operators. Which is why the SBB has Re 460, BLS has Re 465 and SOB had Re 446/456.
I assumed that the indication for additional diesel power packs was the notation "Rem" instead of "Re".

According to norms, the WRS Loks should have been Re 476. Hence, my question.

When Bombardier produced the Re 484, they produced more units than the SBB order. Those units were possibly manufactured in anticipation of an additional order or in case other operators decided they wanted similarly outfitted models. Those units under up with Lokpool/MRCE as 484 90X.

I was wondering if Siemens tagged the WRS order onto the tail end of the production run of the new BLS Vectrons and therefore simply labelled them as 475 90X.


Mike C

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