Re: Two MUTZ caught in a KISS


Am 03.01.2021 um 18:02 schrieb csipromo via
Markus, can you try to fix the URL? If not, you can view the photos in the news link.
In the e-mail the links were all perfect. But for the online version, I can't repair the deep links to the photos. However, the link to the news article should always work.

The MUTZ that crashed into the one standing in Belp was MUTZ 011. I couldn't recognize the number of the "victim of the kiss" in the dark.

LRZ from Frutigen came late evening to the Gürbetal (passed Thurnen at 22:12) to rerail. It was reported that the two units left only on the next morning (thus a year later ;_) )

Markus, Gürbetal

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