Re: Two MUTZ caught in a KISS


Markus, can you try to fix the URL? If not, you can view the photos in the news link.
So where was the mistletoe?
I wonder if you are using the old method from the Canadian posting
site; that site used "[url]" & "[/url]" to surround images you wanted
to post to it, Groups i.o. doesn't. Just pop the URL into the text
and we can use that to go and see them ourselves in our own browsers.

Fwiw, free groups on .i.o now have a very limited space allocation for
images, so best just to refer to images in future; I think you'll find
we'll have to from now on, especially for 'brief-life' news stories.
Of course, I could be wrong, (and will no doubt be told so if I am),
but that's what I've gathered from other i.o. groups...

Andy McMillan

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