CB Rail/MacQuarie/Akiem 186 901-910


These locomotives were originally leased by Crossrail or Linea. They ended up being the backbone of the Crossrail fleet running between Belgium/Holland and Italy before Crossrail went into restructuring, at which point the lease was taken over by SBB Cargo. The locomotives ended up being subleased to TX Logistics (FS) and saw use on the Gotthard and Simplon. At the same time, operation of Crossrail in Germany and Benelux was taken over by Rhenus Group.
In 2018, the locomotives were transferred to a new division of Rhenus in Switzerland called Cargologic, but that did not change the operation of the locomotives.
Starting late last year, these locomotives were designated to haul the Ralpin ROLA trains which had previously been operated by BLS Cargo using their Re 485 locomotives.
The locomotives previously had the registration D-XRAIL (Crossrail) but now have the registration D-BLSC.

186 906 New livery (RAlpin): https://www.bahnbilder.de/bild/Schweiz~Unternehmen~BLS/1236741/186-906-katzenberg-im-neuen-design.html
186 908 New livery (SBBCI): https://www.railcolor.net/images/basic/bomb_34363_92.jpg

So, these are BLS locomotives being leased by SBBCI to operate trains run by a joint venture between SBB Cargo, BLS Cargo and Hupac
I am confused. Does anybody have more specific information on how this works?

Thanks and regards

Mike C

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