I got this question in private, but it might be of general interest. And perhaps there are amendments, as I live near the Lötschberg, not the Gotthard...(my last short visit in Göschenen was in July)

Because of that I would like to ask you - are there any regular freights over the old Gotthard route? And also, any loco hauled
services at all?
Rather not. Old Gotthard line has become a regional mountain line. You might find a few local freight trains and there had been a scrap train or something similar that took the old route. But I don't know, if this is still running. It's quiet now in Göschenen.

The only loco hauled, scheduled passenger train is the Gotthard Panorama Express (PE 3093), 1st class only, with supplement, reservation needed, running daily except Monday from 17 April - 24 October, also 24 May (Whitsun Monday), Arth-Goldau dp. 13:30.


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