Re: Gotthardbahn


Am 24.01.2021 um 20:00 schrieb George Raymond:
Will SBB be tempted to reduce it to single track? I hope not! (In a
very different country like the US this can happen quickly.)
This has in fact been discussed but was rejected as too expensive. It would be a possibility to reach EBV3 profile. However, it would also reduce capacity. There is no business case for such a move. If I say business case, I include non-monetary aspects.

In case of a major incident (flood, rockslide), how fast will the
line be restored, if at all?
It will not, except for single level IC trains, that can go over it at any time.

Is the line still considered a viable alternative in case of a major
problem in the base tunnel?
No, because it can't be used by double deck passenger trains and hardly any of the freight trains would fit into the old tunnels (EBV1 profile) AND bring enough motive power for the grades. In case of an event, freight trains are rerouted via Lötschberg. For passengers a combination of trains over the top and buses through the road tunnel might be considered. However, the two independent bores make it likely that at least one of them can still be used.

Since the end of the year access to GBT is possible with EBV3 profile.

Is there a federal law requiring SBB to maintain the line in its
current state?
Not a law. The concession and the "Leistungsvereinbarung" require that the line is kept open, but at reduced costs (as a regional line).

If I recall correctly, the SBB resisted efforts to
make the Gotthard a UNESCO World Heritage Site to retain
That might change in the future.


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