Re: Gotthardbahn

Andrew Moglestue

On Sun, Jan 24, 2021 at 09:12 PM, George Raymond wrote:
In case of a major incident (flood, rockslide), how fast will the line be
restored, if at all?
Nobody can predict all future scenarios. But some arguments that strongly speak against this:

Of course my own personal speculation of course. I'm not claiming any greater wisdom here.

1) loss of Gothardbahn would affect Schöllenenbahn and thus Andermatt and other resorts would be cut off or only reachable by a lengthy detour. In contrast to centralized countries such as Britain and France, where the central government can just shrug that off (Canfranc line for example), in Switzerland the cantons have a lot of political leverage and I don't think the cantons concerned would stand for it.

2) the Gotthardbahn is part of the Swiss mythos and national identity and I don't think people would just accept it being closed down.

3) my personal hope is that tourism will also pick up when the pandemic finally allows, and that the present once a day panoramic train, which is really only suitable for people starting from the Ticino end, can be extended into several trains a day, maybe a bit like the Glacier Express. And maybe also an increase in use of historic locomotives and rolling stock. But all this is speculative.

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