Re: Gotthardbahn


On Sunday, 24 January 2021, 21:17:15 GMT, Andrew Moglestue via <> wrote:
3) my personal hope is that tourism will also pick up when the pandemic finally allows, and that the present once a day panoramic train, which is really only suitable for people starting from the Ticino end, can be extended into several trains a day, maybe a bit like the Glacier Express. And maybe also an increase in use of historic locomotives and rolling stock. But all this is speculative.
I don't agree with the suggestion that the current GPE is only suitable for people starting from the Ticino end. Plenty of tourists leave from Luzern and most of them want the lake boat ride first, so by the time they reach Lugano the trip has taken up a full day, so they generally stay there - either for one night before taking the Bernina Express bus in the morning; or staying in Ticino for a while; or moving on to the Italian part of their two-country holiday.

The new SOB service is a 'panorama' type service like the Lötschberger so an expanded GPE is unlikely - especially with the inexorable move to an all multiple unit Swiss railways. I think the hope for regular historic trains (talked about for many years now ever since the GBT plan was revealed) will be deemed too costly.

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