Re: Gotthardbahn


I know that there was talk at one point about taking one of the two tracks and replacing it with narrow gauge, which would allow the MGB to run all the way to Erstfeld. It's been quite a few years since I had heard any talk about that. I like the present SOB Traverso option. Having taken the GBT in soutbound 2019, it is cool to do it once, but as a tourist/train fan, I would much rather take the old route and view the scenery. The GBT was like riding the Montreal subway from one end to the other. Fast, but not much too see.

Markus, my question about the start point was that when I inquired about the GPE in July 2019, I was told that the train was Flüelen to Ticino and there was no boarding in Luzern or Arth-Goldau. I was told that I had to take a regio to Flüelen and transfer there. It was at that point I decided to do the base tunnel instead.


Mike C

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