Re: Gotthardbahn

Andrew Moglestue

On Tue, Jan 26, 2021 at 05:03 AM, csipromo wrote:
I think that the comment about preferring the Ticino to Fluelen ride over the
southbound trip is due to the fact that the southbound track
That is true. However there are other arguments that speak for going the other way. I always find the Gotthard route going South to be like a series of visual discoveries, each one greater than the last. So first you have the Lake of Lucerne which of course is a very beautiful stretch but you are basically down in the valley and the mountains are visible but still up there and far away. Then once past Erstfeld the line gradually transforms more into a mountain railway and the quality of both scenery and interesting features of the line itself increase as you gain altitude. Yet all this time you have been in German-speaking Switzerland. Coming out in Airolo you are in the Ticino which is a different world. The architecture is clearly different and even the vegetation. Quaint old churches cling to the sides of the valley. As a first time visitor, it is something that you really don't expect. A surreal kaleidoscope of impressions. Then as you approach Lugano the wild Alpine scenery transforms into a more Meditteranean climate with palm trees and intensely coloured flowers. Lugano itself is a sort of mini Florence. Or at least that is how I remember feeling about it on my first visit there many many years ago.

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