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I would like to know more about what exactly KTU meant. Did it only apply to the Re 4/4 (456)?
I know that in the case of the BDe 4/4, those were known as the EAV Triebwagen (Eidgenössischen Amt für Verkehr).
KTU means Konzessionierte Transportunternehmen = concessioned transport companies. Now it is important to know that at that time SBB didn't have a concession. So, in other words, KTU-Lok meant "not-SBB-Lok".

After rail reform of 1999 SBB became an independent entity and also got a concession. On the other hand, freight railway companies no longer need a concession and are thus no longer KTUs.

When the class numbers came up, Re 456 replaced any other designation.

Designation EAV-Triebwagen was chosen because that office was involved in financing and coordinationg the order for the twelve (A)BDe 4/4, distributed over 5 companies. Two years later the "Hochleistungstriebwagen" BT/SOB/EBT/VHB BDe 4/4 arrived and this order had also been coordinated by the EAV. But they already had a name, as SOB and BT had purchased such vehicles before.

Markus, Gürbetal

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