Re: Looking for Information regarding consists with SBB Re 4/4I on Bodensee-Toggenburg and SOB lines between 1968 and 1985


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Does anybody have any specific information on the consists hauled by
SBB Re 4/4I on the BT or SOB lines between 1968 and 1975.
SBB Re 4/4 I of the second series (10027-50) had been in use on the BT lines until 1982, for regional trains Romanshorn - Rapperswil and Wil - Nesslau. They were not normally used on the SOB lines with their 5% grades, as they didn't have an electric brake.

They pulled two types of consists:

until 1971 (delivery of BT BD 511-518):
- BT D2 - BT AB - BT B (- BT or SBB B)
- SBB D3 - SBB AB - SBB B (- BT or SBB B)
IIRC the maximum consist on peak hours was seven coaches. Both SBB and BT used all types of light steel, EW I and SBB also EW II coaches in these consists. BT had, on occasions, consists with three green/cream coaches and a green D2. They were also pulled by BT Be 4/4 and SBB Ae 3/6.

after 1971 (delivery of BT BD 511-518):
- BT BD - BT AB - BT B - BT B (- BT or SBB B)
- SBB D - SBB AB - SBB B - SBB B (- BT or SBB B)
After 1973 BT had no more green/cream AB, thus only single bicolour B could be in the consists.

For some years there was a three-day diagram that included SBB and BT consists. Thus the same train had SBB or BT coaches depending on the day. One diagram day was Rapperswil - Linthal.

At that time mutual use of vehicles was done basing on axle-km. SBB Coaches had to do as many axle-km on BT as BT coaches did on SBB. BT-owned were Romanshorn - Wattwil and Wattwil - Nesslau. Wattwil - Wil and Wattwil - Rapperswil was SBB, but trains always went through.

Through trains BT/SBB/SOB, say (Romanshorn -) St. Gallen - Rapperswil - Arth-Goldau (- Luzern) were in the hands of BDe 4/4-push-pull consists until 1982. However, SOB had two consists and owned two BDe 4/4. Whenever a repair or revision was due, Re 4/4 III 41 had to step in. Then it could happen that the Re 4/4 III pulled a driving trailer. For some years Re 4/4 III was in a fix diagram that came to St. Gallen once a day in the evening. The minimum consist was BT BD - SBB AB EW II- SOB B EW I. Another possible replacement for BDe 4/4 was ABe 4/4 71 with a BD (231-32). All this ended in 1979, when BDe 4/4 83-87 were delivered.

This was after I came back to Canada:

This photo was taken a few km from where I then lived (Degersheim). It was taken in 1972. The BD was only delivered in 1971 and the AB was painted plain green in 1973. Re 4/4' 10033 and 34 got TEE colours early 1972, when they were needed for Bavaria, after the derailment of RAm 501 in 1971. One locomotive did the Bavaria, the other one was used on any diagram, quite often on the BT trains. Consist is Re 4/4' 10033 or 34, SBB B EW I, BT B 321 and 322, BT AB EW I (251-54), BT BD (511-18)

Re 4/4' 10033 or 34, 2 BT B EW I (361-67), next (hidden) must be a BT AB and a BT BD.

See also SBB 111-022 on the BT track from Herisau in St. Gallen


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