Re: Looking for Information regarding consists with SBB Re 4/4I on Bodensee-Toggenburg and SOB lines between 1968 and 1985


Am 07.02.2021 um 14:48 schrieb Martin Baumann:
On 16.07.1986 I travelled from St Gallen to Luzern on train 2672
Romanshorn-Luzern which was BT BDe 4/4 52. I did not then note
trailers in a consist but I think it was a 4 car unit
Yes, after May 1982 all four consists were BDe-B-B-ABt. One of them was in a diagram together with an equal consist of SOB. Probaly on 17.07.1986 that same train would have been formed of SOB vehicles. The third consist for the two-hourly through trains was SBB RBe-B-AB-BDt. On Sundays it happened that an Re 4/4" was in front in MU and six or seven coaches behind the BDt. I can't tell the year exactly but the RBe was soon replaced with Re 4/4" without driving trailer.

When the BT Re 4/4 91-96 arrived, the BDe went out. On the SOB side they were replaced with Re 4/4 III 41-44. 1988 St. Gallen - Luzern was all locomotives.


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