Re: Looking for Information regarding consists with SBB Re 4/4I on Bodensee-Toggenburg and SOB lines between 1968 and 1985


Am 08.02.2021 um 03:38 schrieb csipromo via
At some point between 1972 and 1979, EAV ABe 4/4 71 was rebuilt into
a BDe 4/4, increasing the number of such consists that the SOB could
That was only after delivery of BDe 83-87, in 1979.

The pair of De 4/4 were also used for some trains. Service to
Einsiedeln from Biberbrugg was often old generation ABe 4/4. There
were however, not enough pilot coaches for use in all the trains.
Only De 4/4 22 still had a driving trailer, Bt 251, which was green. ABt 201, that had been the driving trailer for De 21, was adapted for BDe 81 in 1959. After delivery of the new ABt 204-208 (19787/79), it was for some time used as intermediate coach De 22 - ABt 201 - Bt 251 (picture in EA 11/81). 1989, both driving trailers were rebuilt for use with the modernized ABe 4/4 11-14 and painted orange.


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