Re: Looking for Information regarding consists with SBB Re 4/4I on Bodensee-Toggenburg and SOB lines between 1968 and 1985


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As far as what I recall. In 1985, one of the ABt (1940s) was used
with De 4/4. The other was used with ABe 4/4.
Marcus will confirm but I think that would be Bt 204 ex ABt 204 built
as first 202 by SWS in 1945 (Second 202 SWS 1966 was EW I for the
BDe 4/4)
I'm sorry to say so, but memory doesn't always reproduce facts, it rather mixes up facts of different events. I didn't try to answer from my memory, I searched for the facts. One fact is the photo in EA 11/84 by Hans Heinrich Isler dated 1984-09-28 that shows De 4/4 22 with ABt 201 and Bt 251.

Another fact is the rebuilding date of ABt 201 1989-03 to orange ABt 252 and Bt 251 1989-08 to orange ABt 251, both later renumbered 50 47 38-03 930 and 931 and scrapped 2001/2004.

The history:

In 1944 BT and SOB bought SBB RFe 4/4 601-603 and converted them to Fe 4/4 BT 51, later 25 and SOB 22 and 21. They were re-geared to 90 km/h instead of 125 km/h. Nevertheless their maximum load on 5% was two coaches.

SOB purchased in 1945 two light steel driving trailers BCt4ü 201-202, to form push-pull sets, using their centre entrance wooden C4ü 211-212. One year later they were replaced with light steel C4ü 213-214, another C4ü 215 followed in 1948 and a BC4ü 205 in 1949.

De 4/4 22 suffered a fire damage in 1945 and when repaired it got a regenerative electric brake (instead of a rheostatic or dynamic brake). As a consequence, BCt 202 could only work with 22, 201 with 21. When SOB purchased a CFe 4/4 in 1949 with regenerative brake, it got number 62, because it could work together with BCt 202. This motor coach was sold to Styria in 1968 (StmLB ET 13). I have never seen a photo showing 62 working with 202.

1956 classes changed C > B, B > A and 1963 F > D

1959 SOB got the first BFe 4/4 81 but couldn't afford new coaches. Thus they adapted ABt 201 and B 214 (plus Br 241) to work with this new motor coach. Subsequently Fe 4/4 21 couldn't be used for push-pull operation any more. At this occasion, first and second class compartments were exchanged. Three windows first class became a comfortable second class and six windows second class took four compartments of first class.

1966 first class of ABt 202 was reclassified second and the coach was renumbered Bt 204. After that date ist was combined with AB 205 instead of B 213 to form a push-pull consist with De 4/4 22.

At delivery of ABt 204-08 (1978-79) numbers changed:
Bt 204 > Bt 251
AB 205 > AB 261

Markus, Gürbetal

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