French sugar trains via Basel and some recent freight news


There are block trains of sugar between France and Italy via Basel.
Forwardis organise a service to Mantova Frassine for Tereos which originally (2017) came from the closed sugar refinery (used for storage) at Valleroy/Meaux. More recently Tereos'  Boiry sugar refinery at Boisleux has been used for loading.The service uses Paganella S.p.A 30' containers on single container flats. Initially the service was Touax 33 53 4557 Sgns wagons , later some Atir (ex TRW) 33 88 4552 9xx Sgnss were included. These two types still continue in use although at the end of last year some new Turkish built Atir 37 84 4552 Sgnss (hired by Forwardis) started to be used.Sometimes this service goes to Mortara.
A second set of trains for Cristal Union are operated by Mercitalia Intermodal S.p.A (Cemat) and run from the Arcis sur Aube and Sillery sugar refineries to two locations in Italy,Novara and Russi.These services use Intermodaltrasporti 30' containers. The wagons are a mixture of Cemat's own 33 83 4575 Sgnss and 33 83 4961/2 Sggmrss together with a mixed bag of AAEC (both 68 and 80) mainly 60' singles. 
The Russi site was previously owned by Eridania Italia S.p.A and in later years had an agreement with Tate & Lyle for packaging their sugar.This brought ex Rover 33 70 4739 wagons working through to Italy from Britain. Later Eridania was taken over by Cristal Union and the site is used for packaging French sugar. Part of the site is now used for a biomass plant owned by PowerCrop.
A couple of recent snippets of freight news are that Hupac have signed a co-operation agreement with Logtainer to increase rail container trains between the Ligurian ports and southern Germany. There is currently a service operated by PSA Genova Pra' S.p.A from Genova to Frenkendorf which is now well loaded. It started in Ocober 2018 but initially carried very few conainers (I saw one train with four containers).
A second note is that TxLogisticstarted a service from Bologna to Köln Nord in January.
The service is for semi trailers of P400 profile.From what I've seen on YouTube Arcese and Fercam are the main users at present.
SMET S.p.A. have said they are ''purchasing 300 new maxi-volume eco trailers from Real Trailer Krone Italia, with P400 profile which will enter the group's fleet from February 2021. " and that they want to use the service  - time (and YouTube) will tell.

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