Re: French sugar trains via Basel and some recent freight news


I know that TXL had been using the former Crossrail 186 9XX which they had leased from SBB/Cargologic/BLS.
Under the Crossrail bankruptcy, they had gone to SBB Cargo, but were not needed, so they were leased to other operators.
SBB Cargo and BLS have agreed to use at least a few of the former Crossrail 186 to pull the RAlpin Rola trains between Weil am Rhein and Novara, freeing up the Re 485 for other uses and allowing BLS to retire a greater number of their Re 4/4 (425). Additional RAlpiin Rolas are still being pulled by Re 485, leaving the 486 and Vectrons to handle container traffic. BLS can additional still rely on some leased 186 1XX (Railpool) and may still have a few 187.

I don't know if TXL still has access to any of the ex-Crossrail 186 or whether they have had to lease additional locomotives.
TXL used to operate their own trains using leased ES64F4 and ES64U class locomotives from Dispolok and MRCE.


Mike C

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