Re: RhB Ge 6/6 II (701 Class)

David Prior

Notable in respect of the comment and photo below about pairing of 610/605, is that this combination was booked to work 4367 20:02 Kloster-Samedan last Tues, Feb 9th. They have been diagrammed together daily as replacement power for a Ge 6/6 duty on Fri 5th, Mon-Fri 8th-12th.

702/703/707 are the only ones still actively diagrammed, with 705/706 out of service and 704 showing as on repair, now since Jan 18th, ominously.

On 13 Feb 2021, at 00:53, Guerbetaler wrote:
But the demise of the first Ge 6/6 II brings back MUs of Ge 4/4 I !

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