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Am 23.02.2021 um 18:49 schrieb csipromo via
If the woman drove on to the tracks, are there some kind of sensors
that would have detected this intrusion onto the system at some
point? I have heard of accidents where a car ran off the road and on
to neighbouring tracks or where a car slid down a hill and ended up
on the tracks. In North America, there have been incidents where
people mistakenly or drunkenly turned onto tracks at crossings.
At a few places detecting systems exist to find out if any obstacle is between the gates of a level crossing, at the moment when the gates are closing. Such a system makes sense where car drivers are in a situation that they might have to stop near a level crossing because of traffic density. However, basically the law says that a driver has to stop before a level crossing, if it isn't sure that he/she can pass. But have you often seen car drivers thinking more than 5 m ahead? ;-)

In the case of Schottikon such a system would have been useless as the car wasn't stuck between the gates but (probably) had left the level crossing and driven on 1.3 km. That's so unusual that there is no system to detect this. It's a once-in-hundred-years event.

There was a collision of a BLS NINA with a car about 1 km from where I live. A female driver wanted to turn left in thick fog but got the railway track instead of the parallel street. She realized immediately what happened and left the car, trying to phone the police. But it was too late, the train was already approaching. The train driver couldn't see the car because of the fog and it was inevitably that the car was smashed. Nobody was injured.

So, if it happens, why would you continue on the track for 1.3 km?

Markus, g├╝rbetal

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