Remaining older SBB coaches

Martin Baumann

Subject to correction the following remain in stock:

67 B 21-73 in black and white livery

28 B 21-73 in green and white livery

12 B21-73 5xx football coaches

(Not included in the above are 21-73 303 325 357 383 412 which arrived at Kaiseraugst yesterday but not yet reported withdrawn)

11 EWI A 18-33

17 EWI B 20-35

5 BDt EW II 82-33

5 BDt EWI 82-33 plus 82-34 905

2 Sr EWII Prisoner Transport

Passenger use of EWI/EWII is expected to finish on April 2nd. It is probable one or more of the driving trailers will be retained for track inspection trains such as this one:

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