Re: OT: Geltendorf - Lindau electrification


Am 03.03.2021 um 05:34 schrieb csipromo via
Regarding Chris' comment, my understanding is that the train was routed onto Track 2 at Hergatz station, when only track 1 was equipped with catenary.
It was not a question of the Kempten route.
It is a question of the Kempten route and it was the other way round.

The line from Lindau to Memmingen is electrified. The line continuing to Kempten is still without wire. Looking at the track diagram, it was logic only to electrify tracks 2 and 3. There is no possibility to leave Hergatz track 1 in direction of Memmingen. Thus, track 1 can only be used by diesel trains in direction of Kempten (right hand running in Germany). It is still a question, why the train from Zürich via Memmingen to München was directed to Hergatz track 1.

Markus, Gürbetal

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