Re: OT: Geltendorf - Lindau electrification


On Wed, Mar 3, 2021 at 05:34 AM, csipromo wrote:

Regarding Chris' comment, my understanding is that the train was routed onto Track 2 at Hergatz station, when only track 1 was equipped with catenary. It was not a question of the Kempten route.

Mike C
This is wrong - the tracks are numbered in the following way:

Track 1 (next to the former station building) without catenary and based on regular traffic: Kempten outbound only
Track 2 (in the mid) with catenary: suitable for Kempten inbound/outbound and Memmingen inbound/outbound
Track 3 (also with catenary): suitable for Memmingen inbound/outbound.

Two electric trans from/to Memmingen can cross on tracks 2 & 3


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