Re: WG: articule Bulle-Broc en voie normale


Am 06.03.2021 um 15:10 schrieb gordonwis via
> Last day of narrow gauge operation to Broc will be 05.04.2021

Another nail in the coffin for characterful Swiss ng lines
However, I prefer the idea of a railway line continuing to be operated in a rather conventional way over the inevitable closure of the very special cases. See
  • Le Locle - Les Brenets: will be replaced by bus;
  • Orbe - Chavornay: chance to survive thanks to leaving dc operation;
  • Meiringen - Innertkirchen: will survive as part of a larger system but will loose its dc particularity.

To be continued.

BTW I'd rather wish Châtel-St-Denis - St-Légier back in the ng network than Bulle - Broc. But that's my preference.

Markus, Gürbetal

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