Re: Conversion of Waldenburg railway to metre gauge

Andrew Moglestue

A little, maybe slightly amusing anecdote.

I went to the WB yesterday (Sunday) afternoon to stomp up and down the line a bit and get some pictures. Knowing well that this might well be my last visit.

I wouldn't say there were many photographers about, but i did see a camera here and there.

I discovered one location that I thought might be a good vantage point for taking pictures and saw that two other gentlemen had positioned themselves not far away and held what looked like a super sophisticated video camera.

As I guess rail photographers do in such situations and in the days of Covid, I nodded in greeting while keeping my distance.

Although they didn't say anything, sensed they were not comfortable with me being there.

I then realised the two gentlemen were wearing identical clothes.

A closer look revealed they were actually wearing police uniforms.

Well, I thought, policemen can be enthusiasts too, and maybe they are stopping off to get some footage between jobs or on their way home.

And then I realized they were not pointing the camera at trains but at passing cars, and that it was actually a speed gun.

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