Re: SBB Cargo "iL" logo


According to and other sources, Re 482 037 has been wearing the InfraLeuna colours since 2012/13.

I was not aware that the loco still had SBB markings in addition. I must have missed that detail.

SBB has been actively seeking to sell it's fleet of D/CH locomotives and replace them with DACHINL or other multi system models.
This is why thee ES64F4 and Vectrons have largely taken over operations for SBBCI in Germany and elsewhere in Europe.

SBB seems committed to keeping 482 000-34, but are seeking to divest 482 035-49. More info on the policy would be helpful
I find it strange that SBB leased MRCE 185 identical to these Re 482 while trying to dispose of their own locos.


Mike C

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