Re: Re 6/6 11672 SBB


For the Loco Re 10/10 announced this year, the set contains the Re 4/4III 11361 and Re 6/6 11672. I have been able to confirm that the Re 6/6 received the new halogen headlights around 2005. The set seems to show 11361 as having the original headlights as well. I will have to try to see if I can find the information for that locomotive as well.

I found one photo on from 1999, showing 11361 already equipped with halogen headlights

This would seem to limit the Re 10/10 consist to the period prior to 1999.

I found a photo of the Re 6/6 11672 with round headlights. The photo is dated 1991

The same website has a photo of 11672 with square headlights, dated 1994

The locomotive had a R1 revision in Bellinzona (Be) on 25.02.93. This might suggest that the headlights were replaced at that moment.
This contradicts the information that I had found earlier.


Mike C

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