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Just so that everything gets clear:
SBBCI = SBB Cargo Italia (Gallarate)
SBBCD = SBB Cargo Deutschland (Duisburg)
SBBNL = SBB Cargo Nederland BV (Rotterdam)
SBBC = SBB Cargo Switzerland (Olten)

SBBIN = SBB International (Is this the same as SBB Cargo International?)
(There is no Google presence for SBB International)
This is what I have on occasion referred to as SBBCI.
From what I understood, this was a Joint Venture between SBB Cargo and Hupac around 2011.

It's very confusing. SBB IN is 75% SBB and 25% Hupac, but Hupac is almost 24% SBB, so how much of Hupac's share of SBB IN actually belongs to SBB?

Is SBB Cargo AG the same as SBB Cargo Switzerland? I know that Planzer, Galliker, Camions Transport and Bertschi (dba Swiss Combi AG) have acquired shares (35%) in the company. Was the name change just to reflect the new ownership?

SBBCI (Italia), SBBCD (German) and SBBCNL are all divisions (subsidiaries) of SBB Cargo International.
Previously Re 474, Re 484 and Am840 were registered to SBBCI and Am842 and others (ex-DB, ex-DR) were registered to SBBCD.
Who are those all registered to today?

Does SBBIN lease locomotives from SBBC (Re 482, Re 430, Re 620, etc)? or is SBBC contracted to haul certain trains in Switzerland for SBB IN (Basel-Chiasso/Basel-Domo, etc)?

If a company in Germany wants their goods shipped through Switzerland, who would they deal with? SBBCD, SBB IN or SBB Cargo?
I guess that this could be it's own thread.


Mike C

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