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Could pleae help me with confirmed informations regarding railway rescue cranes in Switzerland

It's worth mentioning that cranes haven't been the first choice of rescue equipment in Switzerland. You can only use a crane after taking away the overhead wire. And you need enough space for a crane to turn. And you need an undamaged track to get near enough to the site.

After a derailment vehicles are rerailed with hydraulic jacks, ropes and come-along (Habegger). If the use of cranes is possible, cranes from work places are taken. The Kirow cranes, standard and narrow gauge, have been seen clearing wreckages. But their normal use is to place points and bridges. Often a road crane comes to help as they can be placed independently from the rails.

The overturned GEX-coaches had been lifted with the SERSA-Kirow-crane from one side and a road crane, brought to the site on a flat car, on the other side.

Markus, G├╝rbetal

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