Re: Major new order from SBB for Stadler

Martin Baumann

Some EWIV are life expired and will be retired.

There are also still 88 of the old RIC coaches (21-73 series now) on the books though I don't know how many are still in daily use.

It is very likely this will see the end of Re 4/4 II passenger trains apart from the LION Sets (Helena start planning the farewell tour :-) )

Around 20 511 are used in Vaud but these are mostly 4 car 511.1

The original 511, 514 and 450 are either too new to be replaced or have just had major overhauls. will tell you what is currently supposed to be 511 outside the Zürich S-Bahn apart from the Zürich-Aarau RE which are at

The Chur trains mentioned are gradually changing to 502

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