RhB 6/6ii passenger diagrams Apr 21

David Prior

File uploaded to RhB folder with the April update.

Essentially the 3 remaining operable loks - 702, 703, 707 - were appearing on freight turns only in the month, and have not been diagrammed for 4109 (early Chur-Samedan), 4709/4718 (Ilanz)or 4367 (evening Klosters) since 703 did the Ilanz runs on 1st April, when it was due to also cover 1358. The only other diagrammed work was a Landquart-St Moritz return, also by 703, on Fri 9th April, and the Landquart-Ilanz Rheinschlucht Erlebnis series (24/25th April and 1st/2nd May).

Given the absence of regular passenger work I will think about how to change the format - clearly little point now in following what were previously the Ge6/6ii duties.

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